The Life Overview

What did you dowith love in your life?

What is the Life Overview?

This is an intensive two day session in which you will take a closer look at your total life. You look at what is still unfinished business, what is unprocessed and unforgiven.
It is an exceptionally healing experience which can have a huge impact on your future life. It brings cleaning and purification in which you let go of the past and open up the future.
All themes in your life can be addressed, such as: relationships, parents, children, siblings, work, money, power, mission, balance of giving and receiving, being worthy of love, self-images etc. Who am I really? Did I live up to my highest potential? Are there unfinished businesses that are hindering me now to make the right decisions?

How does it work?

We work 1 on 1, in two consecutive days. First making an inventory of themes to address, and then start working on the various items. We do so in the presence of a Witness, being an inspiring spiritual figure who is representing light and love to you and of whom you’ll bring an image to put on an altar. Everything that will come to the surface you will bring to this Witness so it can be seen in a different light and the judgemental ego is surpassed.
Then we look at the dynamics of your life themes: formulate your commitments to yourself; find your soul mission and celebrate your “light harvest” as we call it.This is about what you already have done in this world with love and light but are often not aware of. Where did you bring light, inspiration and hope? How have you helped others?


Every soul will experience after her laying down of the physical body a life overview seeing a panorama of the just finished life. Every aspect is seen with love and without judgment, so the lessons are being learned and the "light harvest" is received.
In fact only one question is being asked: What did you do with love in your life? The Life overview as a counselling method originated from the simple thought: why wait until after you’ve died? How would it be to look at yourself in such a manner while you are still living and able to change things, which is not possible after your death? This arose from writing the Book of Eternal Life.

The individual process consists of:

  • an intake
  • a list of self-inquiry questions you write about
  • an intensive two day session
  • and one completion half day after a month and a half

The sessions will take place in a safe and secluded location close to nature.