The Game of Gifts

Discoveryour own treasures.

What does the Game of Gifts do for you?

The Game of Gifts is designed to help you find your talents, to know them better and to see how they can cooperate optimally together. The starting point is that everyone here has a mission in life and therefore has received the right talents to fulfil it. Often, we do have a clue what our talents are, and no idea what our mission is. The Game of Gifts makes conscious what is unconscious. Therefore, you gain insight in the direction of your life, to which you enthusiastically can say “YES”.

How does the Game of Gifts work?

The Game of Gifts uses archetypes. These are the universal primordial images present in everyone. You can find them in fairy tales, dreams, art and stories. This guarantees that the game works on a deeper level, and that insights and transformations are permanent. It is a real game with cards and boards and no dices. You only win from yourself. The game is played under supervision by me, or a certified talent coach I have trained.

When would you use the Game of Gifts?

Very concretely, the game can be used with career questions, teambuilding, deepening your relationships (both professional and personal), the art of leadership, and individual coaching on issues around the meaning of your life.

What are its working forms?

You can play the game individually or in groups such as workshops. You can enjoy a beautiful day with your family, friends, members of your sport club, etc., and get to know each other better in a playful atmosphere. As well a company outing day, or teambuilding sessions can be organized. We also train people to become talent coaches to work with clients and play the game yourself.


The Game is developed by me and is a registered trademark. It is not for sale in a box, but part of the training, and is mainly a coaching tool. Originally created in Dutch as Het Talentenspel, it is now in English as the Game of Gifts and in Italian as Il Gioco dei Talenti. It has its own course throughout the world and is being played in several countries now.

A beaten trackis someone else’s path.There you will never find your treasure.

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