A Course in Miracles

There are only twohuman emotionslove and fear.

What is A Course in Miracles?

A spiritual textbook of the highest order, written from the greatest love, to help us awaken from this dream. It is a non-dualistic path. It knows the ego to the core and makes you aware when the ego speaks and when you are listening to the voice of love inside you. In the end, the whole Course is aimed at bringing you into contact with this inner teacher, the Holy Spirit. Then it will become second nature to you bringing all your decisions in stillness to this inner wisdom. It’s a very practical book, giving you the insights and means to see through your ego and transcend it. Therefore, doing the Course will bring you Home at last.

What does A Course in Miracles do for you?

You will enter into a life of more love and peace. You will stop with victimhood and judging and condemning other people. Your understanding will be so much enlarged that the choice for the ego becomes less and less attractive to you. You know even better that the ego is always more of the same: more fear, more guilt, more separation, more misery and grief. When you become clear about this, you will make the other choice much easier: for love, peace, freedom and happiness. These are no idle promises of the Course. Doing the lessons from the Workbook will make it true to you. Your experience will show you.

Of what consists A Course in Miracles?

The Course is built like a genuine course in three parts: a Textbook with the background philosophy and metaphysics, which will help you at an insight level; a Workbook with lessons for each day of the year, which will help you at an experiential level; and a Manual for Teachers, which gives answers on all kinds of questions you might have. This book can be a lifelong companion for you. Again and again you will find answers for the situations that life poses to you.


A Course in Miracles The Course was first published in English in 1972. It is a so called “channelled book”. The one who was dictating the texts was Jesus, the one scribing them was Helen Schucman, assisted by her colleague Bill Tethford. The first editor was Ken Wapnick and the first publisher Judith Skutch. The Course is now being translated into 26 languages, so 95% of the world’s population can read and practice in their own language. Since 1999, there is a Dutch translation which I was fortunate enough to contribute as final editor.

An expression of fearis a call for love.